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Subreport header in Access

By TechSupportSpecialist ·
Please read this carefully before attempting to answer. This problem is very specific.

-There is a report in Access that has a subReport it.
-The subreport is a report that has a REPORT HEADER and a DETAIL SECTION, with a line for each record. It's pretty simple.
-The main report is more complicate. It has a detail section, and the subreport is in a GROUPFOOTER section of the main report. (The report has to be done this way because of our database stucture.)
-The REPORT HEADER in the subreport appears once when the main report is run, and then all the child records are listed after. This is great.
-The child record go on by themselves for several pages.
-THE QUESTION: How can we get the REPORT HEADER from the subreport to appear atthe top of after page AFTER the first one? It only appears once on the first page now.

It's not as easy as it sounds. I've tried may different grouping methods, and none seem to work.

Thank you.

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Subreport header in Access

by sgt_shultz In reply to Subreport header in Acces ...

are you saying your subreport doesn't allow a page header, only a report header?

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Subreport header in Access

It does allow a page header, but that's not what I need. I actually figured it out right after I posted the question. I had to add a group header in the subreport that DOES repeat.

Thanks for the attempt.

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Subreport header in Access

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