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SubVersion setup - quick job for a Linux GURU

By Jessie ·
Ok, so I really don't know ANYTHING about Linux (other than it kicks MS *** on server functionality) and I really could use some help.

My hubby runs a bit torrent site, and he's trying to install a program called SubVersion (SP?) and is getting extremely frustrated because he can't get it to install the way the documentation (which is NOT written for Linux newbs) says. He's at the point where he would just as soon pay somebody to install it to the site for him. Do any of you Linux G_ds have experience with this software, and would you be willing to give a fellow TR member (since 99) a chunk of your time?

PM me if you think you'd like to help us out.

Jessie and hubby

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Things to look at

by jdclyde In reply to SubVersion setup - quick ...

one, that is a package designed to run on linux?

two, is he using a different flavor of linux? The installs and operation are slightly different between them.

three, is it tested for the version of linux he is using? I have been bitten by a package that said it would run on redhat 6 and higher. Well, we were on the highest at that time, but it wouldn't install. We backed down a version and it went on without a hitch.

four, is there ANY support for that package? A discussion group? FAQ list? First place I would start!

That would be the extent I would be able to help right there. Good luck!

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svn install

by apotheon In reply to SubVersion setup - quick ...

The term "subversion" is the name of a version control system, often abbreviated to "svn". I'm guessing that's what you're talking about. It's rather widely known and well supported these days, so that on a Linux system you should be able to install it using the distribution's native package management system. I don't know how you guys are trying to install it, but if you're trying to do it from a tarball (a source code archive file ending in either .tgz or .tar.gz), you're likely not doing it the easy way.

If you let me/us know what distribution you're using, I'm sure someone can help you with using the package management system of that distribution to install svn. This is all assuming you have administrative control over the server in question: if you just have a typical low-end webhosting account, you're unlikely to have the sort of administrative access you'd need to install it.

Depending on circumstances, I might be able to help out more directly, too. Let me know, either here or by private message from my profile.

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Re: Subversion setup

by sanjsri In reply to SubVersion setup - quick ...

If the linux system you are using has yum installed, then you can install it from command prompt. Log in as root and just type 'yum install subversion'.

Sanjeev Srinath

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