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I have a Sony 5.1 Channel Home Theatre speaker system, model number LH-411PTT.The subwoofer appears to have developed a problem.When it is connected to a DVD Player and everything properly connected it does play music quite alright but after afew minutes one can not hear music coming out of it. Instead it produces intermittent popping noise.When I leave it like that after a few minutes the noise stops and the music starts again.Most times even if it is on standby and not connected to the speakers or the DVD, it makes the noise.

Any ideas please?


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If your description is correct

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to SUBWOOFER PROBLEM

You have overdriven the Actual Speaker or the Powered Amp either of which could be producing this problem.

As most of these have the Amp built into the Sub Wolfer unless you know what you are doing and comply with the existing Electrical Authorities Standards there isn't much you can do about the problem as you can quite easily electrocute yourself.

As this works at Mains Voltage you need to be careful if you pull it to bits to have a look see. This year copped a Mains Voltage Direct Current Shock from a set of 5.1 Computer Speakers which had sent the mains through a Bridge Rectifier to convert from AC to DC but none of the Voltage Drop had been done because of a fault. When you get hit by what is virtually full mains power on what is shown to be 1.4 Amps at 12 V DC it is quite a shock at first as this isn't expected. Then you realise that the Multi Meter has been damaged as well because it wasn't set to such a high Voltage to take the measurement.

This can kill a person very easily and needs to be treated with Extreme Caution as DC Shocks kill a lot easier than AC Shocks.


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