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Success with semester's work done in Linux/Open Source

By intj-astral ·
And so, it is done: an entire semester's work completely written and submitted through open source software. Four submissions written in Star Office, all email in Thunderbird, papers uploaded to the class Yahoo group through Mozilla Firebird. Not one document lost, not one email missed, no viral issues, no text lost to application crashes. I have no worries or misgivings about using doing serious work on an open source desktop. I have seen it prove itself.

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And your point is.....

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Success with semester's w ...


Open Source does not crash?
Open Source is as good as Prop S/W
Open Source is better then Prop S/W
You managed to use Open Source?


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And now, The Point. Sponsored by Real-life experience.

by intj-astral In reply to And your point is.....

For all who have grudgingly put up with being forced to learn and use Windows in its lifetime, for all who have contemplated going to apple but lacked the budget for it, for all who are ready to take the red pill and see how far the rabbit hole goes [see the Matrix if you don?t get it, capiche?] , I let this be known. No, there is nothing wrong with knowing and using Windows. I had one Windows problem too many and that was completely unacceptable. If the problems we face with Windows were translated into an equivalent human relationship, we?d all be in a church-sponsored home for survivors of abusive domestic relationships.

It?s that simple. I lost access to a profile permanently due to a virus. And you?ll say, blame the virus writers. Well, I already do. They can all burn in **** and if there is none, then there should be- just for them and Bin Laden & company, and the bastards who bombed London, too. Windows is insecure by design. As safe as throwing
money in a crowded bar. That?s as good as it gets, any more righteous and they?d censor it.

Why ?Grudgingly?? Are we supposed to put up with an endless tirade of blue screens, apps that crash whenever the wind blows, and peripherals abandoned by Microsoft? I?ve lost about $300 worth of items perfectly functional, but left behind by Redmond. So what do I use XP for, at this point? For games I already have. And because I have to know it for work. Fine, so we don?t see as many blue screens anymore, now it?s a little box. How long did it take- 20 years? 25?

Nasa is using in their next big project, guess what? Red Hat Linux. Can you really trust Microsoft with a billion dollar project that you only get one shot at, one try in a lifetime, one thing where you cannot be there to press the reset button over a damnable glitch half a light year from Earth?

I have beaten the fear, uncertainty, and doubt, the implicit social engineering and psychological programming, I have benefited from open source, the GPL, and from Linux- and I say so in the hopes that someone out there may be emboldened to try. It?s not a toy. Most of the world is essentially to Microsoft, ?I f*rt in your general direction!!! [Monty Python] and using Linux instead. Yes, ok, then, so Novell and Microsoft are partnering. Microsoft lost my trust years ago. For years I dreamed of another way, a different way, a progressive way with exciting and interesting features. I tasted Linux over the years, but wasn?t ready- and now we are ready for each other. I have options I did not have before. Computers have become interesting again, the grip of the MICROSOFT GHETTO is broken. Let?s face it- an abusive relationship is over. I hope all this helps someone. Don?t be trapped by Windows. Where do I want to go today? To my boot menu to load Suse Linux.

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