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such a thing as a virus that causes blue screen of death?

By jbeef86 ·
A recently purchased system here all of a sudden goes BSOD on me. All the programs function normally except for one. The program that doesnt work requires Microsoft .NET Framework to run. Everytime I tried to run this program it would come up with "the application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000005)." I have never seen this before on a computer where all the programs run except for one. Well I ran Ad-Aware and Spybot and it picked up a bunch of stuff and deleted it. Now the program runs fine.

The thing I am worried about is the BSOD part and if the virus was the cause of it and the program not running or if it is 2 seperate issues. Personally, all the BSOD's I have seen have been hardware related or new software install related and never virus/trojan related.

Any help is appreciated.

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Malware, not virus

by jdclyde In reply to such a thing as a virus t ...

And yes, it can cause anything from failure to launch IE to failing to print.

Your best bet is to boot to safe mode to run your scans though. Easier to remove malware when it isn't running.

Update your scanners, boot to safe mode, run your scan. reboot to safe mode and run your scan. repeat until the scanners don't find anything anymore. I have seen this take up to three scans before, and if you have one that keeps coming back anyways, you will have to do a google search on it. This should point you either to a removal tool or instructions on editing your registry. (BACK IT UP FIRST!!!)

If you switch from using IE to FireFox, it will greatly decrease the amount of malware/spyware/keystroke loggers/viruses/trojans/worms that you will pick up just by viewing web sites.

I just cleaned a systems yesterday. The way I knew it was infected was after a reboot, but before launching anything, a win2k system was using over 600 megs of ram. After cleaning it out, but still having all the printer software/AOL/Yahoo IM software that the user NEEDS, it is down to about 180 megs of ram at boot. Just a bit of a difference, huh?

The system only as 512 Megs ram, so it was hitting the swap file before the first application was launched. Man is that a massive hit on your performance!

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by jonathan h In reply to Malware, not virus

I was talking to a friend a few months ago who argued against firefox. His reasoning was that it was just as vulnerable as IE, but not as much was currently targeted at it.
Is that argument valid?

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IE7 does not work!

by itworkhorse In reply to Firefox

I upgraded to IE7 and McafeeAV would not function properly. It would download updates, but not install them. Mcafee and AOL said I should go back to IE6! and appologised!!!
So I cant use IE7 do you know if this a common problem and has it been been fixed yet?

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thanks jdclyde

by jbeef86 In reply to Malware, not virus

I use Firefox myself and love it. Much safer to use than IE and I have had far less problems since usage. The problem is that the user isnt very computer savvy. She opens every single email that is sent her way regardless if it looks odd. She was just telling me that she keeps getting this email from someone and it looks weird but when she opens it nothing happens. I told her to stop opening everything she receives and to scan it first. She still doesnt listen.

I have seen a virus that takes every single available resource so you cant even use the internet. Thats usually the first thing I check for. With this one that wasnt the problem. Luckily it seems to be fixed and so far there hasnt been a BSOD....should work good until she opens something else she shouldnt or goes to a site that has something else.

jonathan h - the problem is that people hate Microsoft and especially the hackers and virus writers. They target the security flaws within Windows and IE. Using Firefox decreases these threats and for that fact alone its safer to use. There are many other reasons why it is more secure but maybe someone else could explain it better. Plus, Firefox is just a better browser. Just my 2 cents. I recommend it to all my friends and people whos computers I work on.

Thanks for the replies.

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