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    Sudden current cut-off


    by low_wh ·

    Dear all,

    I have a problem in a Dell desktop pc in my office running Windows 2000 Professional with Service Pack 4.

    While switching on the pc, a message says “Alert! Previous shut down due to thermal event. Strike F1 to continue or strike F2 to run utility setup” is shown on the monitor.

    The BIOS configuaration is then thoroughly checked and adjusted to its default settings.

    After the POST and Windows boot-up are successfully run, the current is “completely cut-off” in a sudden. Sometimes, the current cut-off incident also occured during the POST & Windows boot-up process.

    Is it due to the failure of power supply unit in the computer? Any other causes that may contribute to this sudden current cut-off?

    Appreciate your valuable solution to the problem.

    Thank you very much.

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      Thermal event

      by jamesrl ·

      In reply to Sudden current cut-off

      “Thermal” event is the key. That would indicate that something, likely the CPU is overheating and most PCs will shut down in that event.

      Things to check include:
      Are the fans working – the fans on the Power supply, case exhaust fans and CPU fan (assuming there is one)?
      Is the airflow restricted by dust or other items?

      This could also be caused by a failing Power supply sending too much voltage, but the other scenarios are also worth investigating.


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        Thermal event

        by grwelte ·

        In reply to Thermal event

        I am getting the same message. In my case it only happens when Windows starts to load. I can run the Windows reinstall from the CDROM and the system will run through the complete reinstall with out shuting down so I would not think it’s the CPU or Fans. It does not seem to matter how long the system has been running . Shuts down as soon as the OS loads. Does not matter if I try to load in safe mode or normal mode.
        Any Ideas.

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      Power loss

      by courtneyblake2006 ·

      In reply to Sudden current cut-off

      I had this problem on my dell pc. It can be due to a faulty motherboard but it is most likely that you need a new fan.

      I doubt changing your power supply will solve the problem.

      Change the fan over your processor and that should do the trick.

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