Sudden duplicates of rundll32.exe since 12th Dec

By ooembino ·
I have eleven instances of RUNDLL.EXE - IA853552 etc, in C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch, all of which have been added since 12th December.

They are 15-32kb in size, one is 30.9-32kb

I have searched for information and realise that in essence it is an essential program file name, but this coincides with intermittent internet access where there doesn't seem to a be problem with the network, router or line.

Should I be treating this as a trojan? There is mixed information but the timing seems odd.

Many Thanks,

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NO - ignore them ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Sudden duplicates of rund ...

I think you're reading too much into their existence.

There are most likely thousands of instances of similar files elsewhere within the system directory that you could find odd due to the timing of their appearance.

I've had no recent internet connection difficulties but my Windows 7 Pro 64-bit installation has had 5 instances of RUNDLL32.EXE in the last 3 days.

Unless an anti-virus scan alerts you to something definite, I'd ignore anything you happen to 'notice' simply in passing.

*Having said that, if you ever notice that the Prefetch directory has accumulated more than 50 entries, I'd advise that you delete the entire directory contents and start afresh - for the sake of tidiness.

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Have you run any virus scanners to check?

by Slayer_ In reply to Sudden duplicates of rund ...

Maybe give your virus scanner a full run, preferably in safe mode. What virus scanner are you using?

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