Sudden IP Loss after system freeze

By chrisahawkes ·

Recently i was streaming media from my desktop to my laptop. The media froze and when i looked at my PC it too had frozen, so after a reboot i went back to try and view the media i couldn't connect to my desktops files. After looking at the PC i found it was on limited or no connectivity, odd so i rebooted and same problem.

Having searched for hours i still can't find an answer. The system was working fine right till it froze now nothing i do stops it from entering the limited or no connectivity mode, i can't even connect to my router by entering it's ip address in my web browser.

I've tried winsockxpfix.exe
i've tried manually setting up the ip config
i've tried rebuilding the TCP/IP Stack
i've tried bypassing the router and connecting PC directly to modem,
i've reset the router.

nothing i do works, after the reboot it just goes into limited or no connectivity mode. All other pc's both wireless and directly connected to the router are working fine. I've tested out the DHCP by releasing and renewing IP's and all work fine except my Desktop which says it can't connect to the DHCP server.

I'm running XP SP2 with all the latest updates

Could anyone help me please?



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Sounds to me like....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Sudden IP Loss after syst ...

.... the NIC card on the PC has overheated and gone out. It may be integrated on the MB though. Do you have another NIC card to test it with?

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by jwilliams In reply to Sounds to me like....

This is defiantly the NIC card. Besides the idea that it?s burnt out, it might have also corrupted the drivers. Try installing new drivers for the NIC

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