Sudden malfunction, but no idea why..

By TK_Mason ·
I have been using my desktop since last December, everything set up and worked fine.
I do use a WiFi for internet and haven't moved the router or my desktop ever since December.

last Saturday morning, I woke up turned on my desktop and noticed high pings in league of legends and low connections on discord and also slow speed on browsers.
Not only that but my headphone mic was extremely low and started hearing humming noise.
So I am trying to figure out why this has happened all of sudden.
I have googled some stuff and only possible reasons that I can come up with is electronic devices or cable wires interference?
Here are few things to be noticed:

1. This has started happening since last Saturday (July 6th), Have been using same router and desktop since December.
2.. Haven't moved router or desktop position since December.
3. My brother's desktop(in the other room) or cell phones are working fine.
4. I did started using my A/C in my room but its using a different cable from the opposite side of the wall and for couple of days every devices was working fine....
up until now.
5. Headset still has humming noise but its volume of humming varies.
6. WiFi speed has gotten worse.
7. Possible hardware issues? but Mouse, keyboard, graphic card is all functioning well without any glitches or other problems..

Here are things I have tried:

1. Unplug everything and plug it back in (did nothing)
2. Use the power cable for only desktop and nothing else (phone chargers etc...) did nothing.
3. Turn off the A/C (did nothing)
4. Power cables are touching the ground (not tangled up in the air)

so... I need help..or start to look for possible things to try to resolve this.
* I am NOT tech wiz

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