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Sudden network issues..

By rogue_tide ·
Hello all.

I'm currently working on a support contract for a business, and I can't fathom what could possibly be causing the following issue.

Let me first explain the layout; we have two offices, one of which is using a VPN connection to the main office in order to connect to it's file and exchange servers.
The configurations were not done by myself. Both are connected to a Juniper Netscreen, which I assume is configured to allow the VPN. I am unable to connect to either firewall, as they are protected with a password that I don't know, however they seem to be running the correct IP address, which leads me to believe that the problem isn't with them (seeing as I can achieve internet access also).

However, seemingly without reason, the second office has lost all connection to our main office. If I remove the default DNS ip address (which is our main server) I am able to connect to the internet. With the DNS address typed in, I am unable to connect to the internet, or ping the server.

Even stranger still, I have been able to connect to the server very fleetingly first thing this morning, before having to deal with the problem once more.

Any ideas / tips would be greatly appreciated!



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