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sudden shut downs

By edarcy ·
Okay. So I have a Gateway (*shudder*) M305 laptop that I bought in July 2003. Sometime in the last month, my system started to shut down out of nowhere, and I have to disconnect the battery and AC, then reconnect both in order to power back on. There don't seem to be any particular apps that cause this. I'm 94% sure it's not a virus or trojan, and the fan has been loud and obnoxious ever since I first started using this computer, and it doesn't seem to be running any hotter than normal, so I'm not sure if the problem is overheating. If it is overheating I don't know what to do about that. Any suggestions? Anything I can do??

I'm using Windows XP Pro, Celeron processor, I've never installed SP2, I've tried to defragment and that did nothing. And I can't run DiskCleanup - it starts and then freezes, so that could be a sign of some grief.

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by ccthompson In reply to sudden shut downs

Have you tried running any spyware removal tools? These can slow and eventually even stop a PC from performing correctly. I like to use SpyBot and Adaware. They are both very good, and running them together is very powerful.

Also, dince your running XP, you can install the Microsoft version of SpyWare remover:

Hope this helps.

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by mex_carnal In reply to sudden shut downs


"and I have to disconnect the battery and AC, then reconnect both in order to power back on", by your comment it seems that your problem could be a bad powersurge or powersupply. Havent heard of any virus/spyware that can drop a infected file and allowing you to powerback on only if you reconnect your cables.

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by sleepsalot In reply to sudden shut downs

It sounds to me that you have an over heating problem. You say that the fan is real noisey. This indicates a heat problem.


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by f-3940902 In reply to sudden shut downs

I don't think spyware or viruses would cause this sort of shutdown problem, it's more than likely a hardware issue. I did a bit of googling and found this link which seems to cover your problem:

Refers to a Sony Vaio but I imagine the same applies to your Gateway machine. Seems that over time the capacitors around Pentium/Celeron processors which handle voltage stability are damaged or impaired by the heat from the processor which in turn leads to unstable voltage to the processor - hence your shut down problem.

If this is the case then the fix involves replacing the capacitors which means soldering new ones on to the board - not a job to be undertaken lightly!

Hope this helps...

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by TonytheTiger In reply to sudden shut downs

It could also be your power management settings messed up. Try disabling power management temporarily and see if the problem persists.

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