Sudden shutdown?.HD can?t be found

By Justdream ·
Today I suffered from sudden shutdown to my laptop Hp Compaq Presario C500 I was connecting my laptop directly to the electricity without battery charger.
Then when I tried to open my laptop using battery I got the windows XP logo for just 3 seconds (which means that my HD is working) then I got fatal error blue screen, it quickly flashed so I couldn?t read it??..anyway I tried then to install windows but I shocked when I got the following message: no hard drive was found (where?s my HD !!!!!!!!!!!!!)
While when I checked my BIOS I performed complete test (Primary hard drive test) successfully (which again means that my HD is working) but up to now I could install windows and access my installed data?..Please advice ASAP as my data on this HD is very very valuable

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If its important data

by Cleaver99 In reply to Sudden shutdown?.HD can?t ...

take the HD out of the laptop, plug it into another PC and copy all data (or ghost image) it onto another hard drive. While you are at it, you can do a HD Manufacturers test on the drive too.

Plug the original HD back into the laptop, boot from CD, delete OS partition, and install fresh copy. IF the HD cannot be seen, you have definite hardware failure.

Try another HD, if that works you got your answer. If a new HD doesn's work (and you are connecting it correctly, bios is good, ect. Then you probably damaged your motherboard in the laptop (HD controller is part of the motherboard.) Sucks to be you, hopefully it is still under warranty because it is not economical to replace motherboards.

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If I don't want to remove the HD from the laptop

by Justdream In reply to If its important data

Thanks a lot, you are right but I will let this solution to be as a last resort as I don't want to remove the HD from the laptop at this level,

so is there anyway to connect my HD to another PC/laptop without removing it from the current laptop......I know that I could connect two laptops using cross-cables but in my case I couldn't do that.....ooooops

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Try it this way

by IC-IT In reply to Sudden shutdown?.HD can?t ...

As the laptop is booting tap F8 this may allow you the option to boot into Safe Mode.
Once in Safe Mode disable Automatic restart on error (found in your system properties Advanced tab).
Next Open a cmd prompt and type
Chkdsk /R

(or you could do the Chkdsk /R from the Recovery Console).
This will tell you it can not be performed because it cannot lock the drive would you like to perform this on the next reboot? Select yes.

Hopefully it is only a sector error and you will be back in windows.

If you must do an In-Place repair, then enter the BIOS and set the SATA native mode to disabled. The cd will then find your hard drive.

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Safe Mode

by Justdream In reply to Try it this way

I forgot to say that when I tried to use safe mode before I post this question: it gave me the screen which shows loading windows/system32/drivers/....
Then the dead blue screen window and restart, so my friend how could I make in safe mode_disable automatic restart on error (sorry, where?s system properties/ advanced tab) I think this after log in but I couldn?t log in to windows

Unfortunately I don?t have Recovery Console,
I will try to disable my native mode from BIOS window????..thanks all guys but really my data is very valuable.

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If you have the CD to repair

by IC-IT In reply to Safe Mode

i.e. an XP CD, then you have the Recovery Console. It is the first R option for Repair using the Recovery Console. You will need to turn off NAtive SATA mode first so that XP can find the hard drive.

You can get to the System Properties by Right-Clicking on My Computer and selecting Properties. But first you need to get to the desktop or a command prompt.
Try the Safe Mode with cmd prompt. If it makes it through to a DOS type screen with a C: prompt, type explorer at the prompt.

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by Justdream In reply to If you have the CD to rep ...

for In-Place repair, then enter the BIOS and set the SATA native mode to disabled. The cd will then find your hard drive........."right you are the man thanks a loooooooooooooooooot"

now my friend, what should I do? is that necessary to return SATA native mode to Enable or could I use it in Disable?

what's the next steps?

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Your choice but

by IC-IT In reply to thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks

it will run a little faster in Native SATA mode.
P.S. After the repair you need to redo updates.

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by Justdream In reply to Your choice but

sorry, do you mean that i must reinstall windows again as the current one is unstable?

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Not necessarily

by IC-IT In reply to Repair

I mistook your last post and thought you were going to do an In-Place repair, my bad.

If you are using the Chkdsk /r
that alone may correct any problems. If you run it once and it finds and repairs errors run it again until none are found.
I would then boot normally and turn off the automatic restart, check event logs for anything that may have caused the problems, and seriously consider backing up the "valuable data".

An In-Place repair is the choice (second r) to try and find a windows installation and repair it rather then setup a new installation. It then requires the updates.
Because early releases of XP did not contain SATA drivers, you always need to disable the native mode when booting from those CDs to perform any actions involving the hard drive.
An option to prevent this would be to build a custom backup of your XP install CD using a program like NLite.
You would integrate any needed drivers into the install and could also include Service Packs etc.

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