Suddenly Wouldn't Boot

By ledzep_i ·
I did a hard re-boot last night on my desktop (Win XP Pro, P4 2.7GHZ, Custom gAMING sYSTEM i BUILT IN 2002..she's old but good), anyway it wouldn't boot past post. screen locked up, wierd I thougt. Did I do damage to the MB. HDD. what. I opened her up and felt the HDD spinning so it was free, It reminded me of how a PC would act if no keyboard or mouse was plugged in. Sooo for s&^)@ and grins, I plugged the mouse USB directly into the back instead of the USB Hub and voallah she booted up fine. Again wierd, was the hub bad, no cause the steering wheel even when it didn't boot up moved like it was supposed to and it is plugged into the Hub. For some reason I removed the USB Flashdrive, plugged the mouse back into the hub and it booted up fine..I put the Flashdrive back in, rebooted and it stopped again??? I have had this USB flash drive for a while and never had this happen before..How did it suddenly cause my PC to look for it as a bootable drive,,At least that is what it seems like it is doing..I plugged it into my Laptop running Vista Prem 64bit, rebooted it and nothing abnormal, again wierd?
Anybody have an answer as to why this XP desktop suddenly wants to freeze up on boot when the flashdrive is in the hub??

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Could be...

by cmiller5400 In reply to Suddenly Wouldn't Boot

Could be that the system was trying to boot from it and then locked up...???

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I have heard of this issue....

by ---TK--- In reply to Suddenly Wouldn't Boot

And I have scene exactly what your talking about. It has to do with the flash drive being formated as FAT also compatibility. Some topics on MS KB just say systems will sometimes hang, because compatibility... and thats about it.

I have never really found a good answer for that. But hopefully another tech on here will have the real answer. Im interested to find something legit also....

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If the Flashdrive contains a "bootable" command file ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Suddenly Wouldn't Boot

It can slow and/or halt a boot process.

In my experience it's NOT actually stopping the boot process, it's simply making it an extremely long drawn-out process.

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After Some Research

by ledzep_i In reply to If the Flashdrive contain ...

I have been able to find information regarding the bootable issue I had with my Desktop. ANY Item that CAN be made bootable will cause a PC to hang when booting up, You were right to say that it is drawing out the process BUT if there is no Bootable Partition established on the Flashdrive it will not go to the next bootable drive, there is no BIOS instructions telling it to do so. This will happen with ANY device that has a driveable format such as iPods, Flashdrives, some Multifunctional Phones, certain MP3 Players etc. Strange but true. it will also effect Windows Vista but it is for some reason hit or miss with it. Again, weird. What is strange is that there is also no BIOS instruction for it to seek the Flashdrive to begin with, so it gets stuck in a loop, the reason being is that during the bootup process it seeks bootable drives before loading the OS and anything else, as we all know, but why it seeks out a bootable drive disregarding the BIOS instruction is a mystery I am still looking into. I guess we all learn something new..LOL

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