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Sudoku - A method for playing in Excel

By fadbel ·
I don't know how many of you have been "caught" by the Sudoku bug but, I'm sorry to say, I have been.
I have found that for the harder puzzles, it helps if I lay it out in Excel and set the font to allow double-row of the missing values in each cell. However...
My local newspaper publishes an electronic version daily which automatically populates the empty cells with the missing numbers then, as a number is placed in the cell, all other associated cells lose that number. This is a great aid and speed up play (where I don't have to do the entries manually). I believe they use Java-script to create this.
I'd like to know if the same function can be incorporated in Excel with a Visual Basic script? Or some other way?
Anyone interested in how I set up my Excel to do this manually I can post the Excel file here (with permission to do so) so others can share my "PAIN"! :-)

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by hifsre In reply to Sudoku - A method for pla ...

Please do!
It would prove very helpful to me (
& hopefully to others).

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Thanks for Excel/Sudoku interest

by fadbel In reply to POST THE EXCEL FILE

I've sent a request to TechRepublic for including the links to the files in a future newsletter. I do not want to take the time to establish (and maintain) a blog site.

I will post their decision in a follow-up.

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I can send it by email

by fadbel In reply to POST THE EXCEL FILE

Since I haven't had a reply yet on using TechRepublic as distributor, if you'd like, I can email the zipped file to you. It's only 15KB in size and I included a text (rtf) file I wrote on-the-fly about how to use it. I'd appreciate some feedback on how to improve it or give more explanation.
I'd make the Subject Line "SUDOKU IN EXCEL" so you;d know where it came from.

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suduku in Excel

by karansoin In reply to I can send it by email

This is great.
Please email it at

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They haven't responded---send by email?

by fadbel In reply to POST THE EXCEL FILE

I can send by email. The total size is a 15KB zip file.

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send by email

by karansoin In reply to They haven't responded--- ...

Dear Frank,
Please send me the zip file.
It will be gr8
my email is

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by saf.jnumca In reply to POST THE EXCEL FILE

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