Suggest a good alternative to MS Office on the iPad

By simsk04 ·
I always prefer MS Office, since that's what I've used for years and my laptop is a Windows PC. But office is apparently not coming out this year for the iPad. Is there any good alternative for office?

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Google Docs will allow you to view, edit, and save Office docs

by robo_dev In reply to Suggest a good alternativ ...

I use that on my the documents on my Google drive.

Not something I would use to write a novel with, but if you need to read or do some simple editing on an IOS device, it works perfectly well, and the price is right.

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by simsk04 In reply to Google Docs will allow yo ...

Thanks, I haven't thought about it until now.

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Office web apps,

and Skydrive works pretty good for me, though I don't have a tablet of any kind. I do use it from work, and at home, with WinXP and Win7.

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Reponse To Answer

by wizard57m_cnet Moderator In reply to Office web apps,

A downvote? Anyone care to explain? The OP stated they use MS Office on their laptop. I gave my experience using WinXP and 7, on my Win7 notebook I have MS Office 2007, it integrates smoothly with SkyDrive. I can then access those documents from either work on XP or from my desktop with XP and all works as expected. I can also access those documents on my little netbook booted into Slax Linux (a live Linux distro) and continue working on them. Anyhow, maybe someone with an iPad has a negative experience with Skydrive and Office web apps. Tell the OP of those experiences, otherwise your downvote is meaningless.

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So remind me: why did you get an iPad.?

by jqbecker In reply to Suggest a good alternativ ...

IT is always better to select the software you use first, then select the hardware platform it runs on 2nd.

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Reponse To Answer

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to So remind me: why did you ...

Because it's trendy to have an iPad and everyone knows that they Just Work so the OP here didn't need to look at any software because iPads just work.

The reality is way too many people buy the hardware and then try to make it suit their needs which unfortunately hardly ever happens.


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not iOS

by d In reply to Suggest a good alternativ ...

i diss on iPad for anything productive in the office so I don't look for the alternative software, I look for the alternative platform and finally found it:
WIndows 8 Dell Latitude 10 or Acer Iconia W7, or comparable HP or Lenovo machines) with i5 and Actual Windows Office or Apache OpenOffice. Oddly perfect for office applications. ')

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