Suggest a video player....

By rahulsk81 ·
Hi, Can someone suggest a good video player (free to use)to be installed on PC (WinXP SP 2)? Also which will not have any codec or format problem...should support all sorts of file format...or any default player?

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I am a fan of GOM myself

by Slayer_ In reply to Or you could try ...

It handles all my needs beautifully, plays music too, works great when projecting to a TV and lets me reformat the video to match my TV, remove widescreen BS and everything. Great program :)

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by rahulsk81 In reply to KMplayer

Thanks all of you...do all these players are free? and dont have codec server kinda problem?

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yes all free

by Slayer_ In reply to Thanks

Though i can not verify codec availability for the others. GOM comes with many preinstalled and auto downloads new ones for you.

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by ---TK--- In reply to yes all free

I have not heard of that player! Going to check it out! looks pretty cool, and that it will download codecs for you is pretty sweet!!

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Yes, its comes with most common codecs

by Slayer_ In reply to Nice...

And if you are missing it, it will direct you to the website that you can download it from. Very rarely does it not have the codec. I particularly like how it has the DivX codec preinstalled.

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hey,great player...

by rahulsk81 In reply to Yes, its comes with most ...

Thanks Sinister for suggesting a great GOM player ...now I can play all the media files without fail...hehe:)

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by aandains In reply to hey,great player...

Been using this for awhile and I haven't found a format I can't play yet.

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