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By Deadly Ernest ·
OK, I'm prepared to take the hit as I can't find a suitable place to put this one. I'm sure there is a spot but I've spent fifteen minutes looking and can't find it.

I'm currently going crazy cleaning up my rss feed notices at

As you can imagine, over the years there's a sheet load of them. the current system allows me to change settings for individual threads and to update that thread or to remove that thread. Each time I remove a thread I get an email telling me this. Since I'm removing hundreds of old threads, I expect hundreds of emails.

I'd like to suggest two sections be added to the update page used here:

1. Blanket update of the alert options.
I can select the type of alert and frequency and style and apply to all alerts with one click and get one email advising I've done it.

2. Blanket delete option.
Each alert has an entry - Last Sent - if there's a box where I can select a date and delete all the older threads prior to that date in one go it would be great. And I get only one email then too.

3. How about a search capability for deletion.
have a search box where I enter a text string and it then searches the titles for the string. A sub list is shown and I go down ticking boxes for deletion of the chosen threads and do it all in one go when I hit the 'delete selected' button at the bottom.

Have a nice day and someone please bring this to the attention of who needs to know.

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Woo hoo! :-bd

by seanferd In reply to Suggested improvement to ...

Actually, I almost responded to another thread of yours like that, but I'm glad I saved it.

Deepsand and I had a bit of discussion on that in one of the TR/broken threads. I'm not sure who else may have commented on this specific idea. One must wonder how often anyone actually does a cleaning. I did a major wipe when TR was replacing the database servers or whatever - figured I'd lighten their load a bit.

Now that alerts are working again, it would be good to be able to clean out old subscriptions easily by ticking boxes and sending the request once rather than one. time. for. each. alert.

Probably keep the database from barfing in the future.

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I know a regular clean up would help the db, also

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Woo hoo! :-bd

when I saw how many there were I almost gave it up as too hard, which I'm sure many others would do. If it's made simple, most will do it, I'm sure. I persevered and it took me about forty minutes to clean up the list and another five minutes to delete the triple digit emails about the individual changes.

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