Suggestings for connecting pc to another rooms plasma

By Sandman28 ·
Howdy Guys,

So here is the layout, I have two computers in my room (one for everyday tasks like burning/downloading) while the other one is dedicated to gaming and high processor stuff (video encoding). In a room across the hallway from me is our family Panasonic FullHD plasma. Now I am comfortable running a 15m hdmi cable under the house into that room, however I am wondering if you could help me from there. The thing is I want to be able to play my games on that TV which means I need to have a mouse and keyboard in there, I am loathe to run a 15m usb or similar under the house and was wondering if there were any other solutions ( as I am unsure about distance for wireless/bluetooth). From my desk if I turn my head to the right (my 3 o'clock) I can see into the tv room and the tv on the wall, which is about 10m away, however by line-of-sight I cant see where I would be sitting (about my 4-5 o'clock) and so there are two walls between me and there. Any ideas?


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Why not have a spare keyboard in that room..

You can run two 15m PS/2 cables for your keyboard and mouse into that room as well as the HDMI cable.
It will save you (cost wise) a lot of money.
More here:
Or you can get a powered USB hub that you can put in that room and plug your USB keyboard and mice Bluetooth dongles on to that, that way you will not drop any (hardly any) frame rates for your games. Cheap to do as well.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
If this information is useful, please mark as helpful. Thanks.

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You may get a few ideas from this

by Jacky Howe In reply to Suggestings for connectin ...

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What about sound?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Suggestings for connectin ...

The DVI Lead will not carry sound only Video so you'll need to bring in the Audio as well.

But if it is more or less Line of sight Bluetooth should be sufficient for the Mouse/Keyboard buy it may not be fast enough for Game Playing.

You?ll also run into Latency problems with long leads so it may not work satisfactorily. The extra length in the Video and Keyboard/Mouse will result in a different picture on the screen to what is actually happening at that particular moment on the computer and then there will be another Time Lag for the result to be displayed on the Monitor.

The Time Lag that you will be incorporating by these long distant leads may make any games unplayable.


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If he can run hdmi from his

by Dumphrey In reply to What about sound?

computer to the plasma it would carry sound (if the vid card follows standards). But I have no experience with computer hdmi, just retail dvd/console hdmi.
Most likely his plasma has an analog mini jack for input. It would work but would sound very poor. If he's luck, he has a coaxial digital input for sound and that would do well with dvi.
Good call on the sound. Worse case though he can just turn up the sound in the other room or run some long headphone cables.

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