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    Suggestion required


    by rockstar2601 ·

    I am rockstar(nick name), I need your suggestion or help, first let me introduce about my background. I am 28 year old guy from Bangalore, India, currently working in a non IT company, I was studying [b]engineering[/b] in computer science and and have completed 4 years (8 semesters full course) in the year 2009(51% overall) , I have 6 backlogs(subject pending) at present. I realized the value of my [b]engineering[/b] degree and decided to quit my current job and study for the exam, I am planning to join software testing or networking or web design course. I am interested in all 3 fields, and have fair knowledge on these 3 subject.
    please suggest me which field is better in terms of [b]job opportunity, career growth,
    and also salary as i am already 28[/b]. I am totally confused, please show me a way. suggest me The best course.

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      This is the way

      by michael jay ·

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      Second star to the right and straight on till morning.

      With the added bonus, you never have to grow up.

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      by rockstar2601 ·

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      What do you enjoy doing?

      by charliespencer ·

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      You’re going to be happier in the long run if you do work you enjoy. If you get a high-paying job you don’t like, you’re just going to spend the extra money on psychiatrist bills and stomach medicine.

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      by boxfiddler ·

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      by rockstar2601 ·

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      Hey, I am interested in [b]webdesign, networking, software testing[/b], I am asking which field has demand in market, and what type of course should I do to build my career in my particular field

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