Suggestions for a network case study?

By bayushihigure ·
I am an IT student and lately we were given a case study about network and designing a LAN solution. I admit I am not a network guru and I appreciate some suggestions on some of the things about the case study. I kinda figured out some of the things but some just are mind boggling to me. Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Case Study: Building is 5 levels. The first 3 levels has 5 classrooms including a computer lab. level 4 is a student lounge with 10 computers and a library with 5 computers. Level 5 is the department and administrative offices. There are 16 people in the departments all in all (who needs a PC), an accounts director and a academic director. The computer labs should be equipped with 30 student PCs and 1 tutor PC.
More Details
- Each staff member should have their own PC, access to printer, internal email and student database
- The 10 student lounge computers have access to a paid printer
- Students and staff who has their own laptop can connect to the internet via wireless service
- Student computers should not be able to access official printer, internal staff email and student database
- Staff should be able to share files between departments
- Network should be secured
- There is a surveillance camera on each level

Need suggestions on these
- How many routers, switches, sockets, ISP's and Gigabit NICs do I need? And what kind?
- Suggestions on the network architecture & topology
- Servers and their locations
- Security measures?

I am not trying to make you guys make my assignment for me. I just need some clarifications/suggestion/help with some of the components of the network so please bear with me.

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Starters, two servers, one acts as a failsafe..

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Suggestions for a network ...

You have access to electricity, but what happens if you have a power failure? You need some way to access an internal power supply.

I let you fill in the rest. :)

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Reponse To Answer

by bayushihigure In reply to Starters, two servers, on ...

Ahhh I see. Thanks! :)

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Reponse To Answer

by bayushihigure In reply to Starters, two servers, on ...

Hmmm but I'm thinking I need more than 2 servers... Like have one for Printing/Sharing, one for Database, one for Web, one for Students, one for Admin & Staff and a backup. Am I on the right track?

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by saadm204 In reply to Suggestions for a network ...

You will need at least 2 ISP's, 2 routers/firewalls (i.e. Juniper) or if you go Cisco then seperate firewalls, at least 6 or 7 switches and more and Access points(optional).

This is the most common network topology in the practical world for the size of business you mentioned in your case study.

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Reponse To Answer

by bayushihigure In reply to ---

Ahhh thank you sou much! :)

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General approach

by CIOandManager In reply to Suggestions for a network ...

Consider each aspect individually:
1. Network is to be secured: Externally that means a firewall, internally indicates either separate physical or logical networks to meet the requirements of the case study.

Based on the available information, the following assumptions are made:
Staff must be able to access email, file and printer services both cabled and wirelessly.
The computer lab will have different requirements from regular users and needs to be on a separate network
Given that there are only 16 staff users, the building is assumed to be quite small (probably only one to four PCs per floor.
It is assumed that there is a central vertical wiring duct

Given that, the physical cabling for all locations may be within 300 ft of the admin office in which you will have your server room/wiring closet, all cabling should be home run to that location (AND EACH CLEARLY NUMBERED at patch panel and at the wall outlet - as well as having a building diagram of where each is located).

Assuming one wireless access point can handle two floors, you are likely to need three of them (don't forget to mention configuring the channels at least three apart)

In all likelihood, the most elegant solution technically would be to have two 48 port managed switches, VLANs for admin, computer lab, student and surveillance, either a single high speed connection to the internet with throttling on the VLANs to ensure consisten access throughput for all users. Wireless access points need to be dual band with staff having access through one SSID, students the other.

And from a management and security access, a domain controller for the administrative functions (fully integrated with email, file and print services, database and security if you choose something like Microsoft Small Business Server 2011). The student acces to the printer can be managed through configuring as a workgroup.

The key aspect of this, however, is that it can be quite technically challenging to implement (and maintain and make changes to) the networking aspects discussed - which are quite sophisticated for a small environment such as this, therefore often a simpler setup with individual networks and separtae servers can be chosen. In addition if we start running VMWare ESX and multiple NIcs on the server it offers other signifiucant networing opportiunities - and challenges...

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