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Suggestions for buying MSDN Universal subscription..

By onbliss ·
I am planning to buy an one year subscription of MSDN Universal subscription. I prefer DVDs than the CDs. I started looking on the web, and was confused. Each one looked as authentic or fake as the other one. I have read horror stories from people who bought the subscription from the leading online bookstore. Looks like there is lot into buying this, than simply buying a set of media with software. I do not understand the part numbers, and other myraid concepts involved in this.

Any explanation would be very much appreciated.
Do you know a reliable and less expenseive place from where I can buy it?


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Do it...EEEEBAY!

by TomSal In reply to Suggestions for buying MS ...

All I can suggest is use ebay, we bought 2 CD copies and 2 dvd copies through ebay about a year ago. It was simple.

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What is this part# ?

by onbliss In reply to Do it...EEEEBAY!
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Caveat Emptor!

by In reply to Suggestions for buying MS ...

1. Microsoft sells MSDN Universal licenses at different prices to different types of customers.

2. It is not legitimate to buy a license unless you qualify for that license.

3. The major categories are:
- Retail (individual users and small volume business buyers).
- Academic (students and faculty).
- Charities
- Volume license programs - Businesses and organizations that buy as few as 5 licenses, or buy large volumes across many different MS products, or sign up to automatically buy MS software as it is released. These have varying names including "Open License", "Volume License", "Select License", "Software Assurance".

4. The retail product that an individual user can buy is MS part # 534-07095 (new) or 534-07098 (renewal/upgrade). You get a box with a license card that you activate with Microsoft yourself. You then receive CDs (or DVDs, your choice) in the mail. You can also download any of the software you are licensed for.

5. Current MS Visual Studio Tool users and Microsoft Certified Partners can get new subscriptions at the renewal/upgrade price.

6. Many eBay and WWW sellers are selling one or another of the "Volume License" products at a greatly discounted prices, apparently to end users. Some say so straight out and/or quote the part number.

Others don't say so but the giveaway is when you don't get the box and license card, don't get the CDs (download only!), and the seller has to activate the product for you. The seller MUST have a volume license himself and is adding you to his organization's volume license. I doubt MS would call this legitimate and do not know what they would do if they found out. I doubt it would be a good thing.

Some of the "Volume License" and other discounted part numbers for MSDN Universal new subscriptions are:
- 534-02121 "Software Assurance"
- 534-02031 "Open Business"
- 534-02116 "Open Volume"
- 534-02110 "Open Government"
- 534-02030 "Academic"
- 534-02109 "Charity"

7. Check out the MS MSDN FAQ. It specifically warns about deals that are "too good to be true".


If you find out that it IS legitimate for an individual to buy a "volume license" product described in #6, please let me know.

Good luck and caveat emptor!

-----Steve Jackson

Software Corporation (Softcorp)

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Your post has been illuminating...

by onbliss In reply to Caveat Emptor!

...and useful. I will shop around.


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Here is one legitimate place to buy the retail product at a discount

by In reply to Suggestions for buying MS ...

Here is one legitimate place to acquire the retail product (534-07095 new, 534-07098 upgrade) at a discount from the MS price ($2799 new, $2299 upgrade):

ProVantage: $2415.20 new, $19**.99 upgrade

-----Steve Jackson

Software Corporation (Softcorp)

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Here is another retail product part number that may save you some money

by In reply to Suggestions for buying MS ...

I found another apparently legitimate retail product part number: 534-02125

This is the previous (2003) part number for the retail product. Apparently you can buy this "old stock" part number and activate it now just like the current 534-079095 part number. Since it is "old stock", you can sometimes find it at a lower price points than the current part number.

I would verify this with Microsoft before I made a $2000+ purchase like this.

Hope this is helpful to you...

-----Steve Jackson

Software Corporation (Softcorp)

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Thank you

by onbliss In reply to Here is another retail pr ...

Thank you for the references.

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