Suggestions for ISP failover

By Dumphrey ·
Currently we have a T1 into a pix 501. What we need is to ensure as much possible uptime as we can. It has been suggested to me that we look into a failover system between out T1 and a static dsl line.
Anyone have any experience in this or suggestions?
So far I have been looking at an appliance from astrocorp, and setting up pfsense as a load balance server (failover is buggy atm in pfsense).

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by alindberg In reply to Suggestions for ISP failo ...

Hi Dumphrey...have you engaged Astrocom direct for a demonstration/presentation regarding the product? Or are you working with a consultant/Astrocom partner? We (I'm with Astrocom) can get you set up via a GoToMeeting and get your questions out of the way...

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Right now I ma just looking for options

by Dumphrey In reply to Astrocom

and possibilities, then I will have to look at features, price, etc after I know what the options are =)

So far I have ruled out the current FOSS options, as they all seem to have a bug or 2 making them awkward and unreliable, load balance yes, failover, no.

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Other option for you

by jph In reply to Right now I ma just looki ...

Hi Dumphrey,

I'm with Elfiq and I'd recommend you look at our products as well. We can arrange a presentation to give you an overview, and we can possibly remove the pfSense out of the equation by using out Intelligent Service Verificator if you don't need SSL acceleration or such features for your servers (ref:

Feel free to drop us a line at sales@elfiq.con and we'd like to chat.


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