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    Suggestions for ISP failover


    by dumphrey ·

    Currently we have a T1 into a pix 501. What we need is to ensure as much possible uptime as we can. It has been suggested to me that we look into a failover system between out T1 and a static dsl line.
    Anyone have any experience in this or suggestions?
    So far I have been looking at an appliance from astrocorp, and setting up pfsense as a load balance server (failover is buggy atm in pfsense).

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      by dumphrey ·

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      by alindberg ·

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      Hi Dumphrey…have you engaged Astrocom direct for a demonstration/presentation regarding the product? Or are you working with a consultant/Astrocom partner? We (I’m with Astrocom) can get you set up via a GoToMeeting and get your questions out of the way…

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        Right now I ma just looking for options

        by dumphrey ·

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        and possibilities, then I will have to look at features, price, etc after I know what the options are =)

        So far I have ruled out the current FOSS options, as they all seem to have a bug or 2 making them awkward and unreliable, load balance yes, failover, no.

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