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By gary.wong ·
I need to design a report which has 5 major columns. Each columns can have up to 20 different pattern sets. Each of the columns will have
the same 20 different pattern sets available to it.

Based upon data in each columns, a particular patternsets is selected. Some of the pattern set will cross over into other columns (overlapping).

The pattern sets are set of objects composed of lines and curves.

I first approach (which I have done, but its hard to change pattern set) was drawingeach of the pattern set by using VBA code. I draw the lines, curves, lines with angles, etc. based upon the data for each column.

I am think of a new approach which has all the pattern sets drawn (using a different application like Visio (drawing package), MS Power Point (Line drawing), or MS Paint (getting a .bmp). I could use VBA to select which pattern set but the problem of overlapping the images from one column over the 2nd column etc. DO YOU HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS?????

I could overlap by creating an composite bit map of all the columns and then print the one .bmp file??? HOW DO I DO THIS???

Is there a way to print the overlapping columns and have them all to be visible??

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,


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