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Suggestions for Upgrade or new Server..

By an_it_guy ·
I have an IBM x235 Server(DUAL XEON 2.4GHz Processor /18GB RAM) running Microsoft Navision database with SQL2000.
The SQL database is about 18GB, and is growing everyday. With multiple users connected to the SQL (via Navision), performance of the Server has started dropping.
The key bottleneck appears to be the processor speed in this case.. even with dual-processor, SQL tends to 'use' all the processor power to 'service' just one request at a time. With multiple simultaneous users accessing the database, at any given time, only one user gets the required results while others have to wait for thier turn to get their results.

Is it possible to upgrade the processors? or replace them? Or is it a better idea to go for a new server?
If we think of a new faster server - what would you recommend? I would like to stick to IBM machines, but let me know if you have a better experience with other comparable servers.

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by BFilmFan In reply to Suggestions for Upgrade o ...

Upgrade to a hyper-threaded 8 way with all the RAM and Storage you can afford. Also, get the fastest NIC cards that you can afford. Any chance the client might spring for clusters?

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by an_it_guy In reply to

Clustering not needed yet. Glad to get your response so quick.. but I am looking for more specific suggestions than a generic one.Thanks.

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by mikex In reply to Suggestions for Upgrade o ...

Upgrade the hard drives to a:

Here's one review and you can find some more:
In a separate review, Custom PC magazine (UK) compared the WD Raptor 74GB drive to a 15,000 RPM Seagate SCSI drive, with the Western Digital drive outperforming the competitor in a Paint Shop Pro imaging editing test.

"These comparisons prove that the performance of hard drives is defined by hard drive platform mechanics, electronics and firmware, and not by the SCSI or SATA interface," said Richard E. Rutledge, vice president of marketing for Western Digital. "WD Raptor has an enterprise-class mechanical platform comparable to SCSI, is the first and only SATA drive to spin at 10,000 RPM, and Maximum PC's and Custom PC's results verify WD Raptor as one of the fastest hard drives available, regardless of interface."

Try to limit simultant user DB requests to appropriate # according to your server preformance

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by mikex In reply to

And to optimize your SQL DB - it's not normal to only few users requests to slow down the server

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by scottsman In reply to Suggestions for Upgrade o ...

What are the cpu usage metrics?

This could be a DB problem

I would seriously take a look at the database as well. That should be more than enough processing power for so small a DB.

Is the db indexed?
what type of queries are running.
Have a good DBA with availability exp. take a look at it.

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