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By Rameises ·
I am finishing an associate degree in IS management.I plan to get the A+ and Net+ certifications before continuing with the 4yr degree in MIS and then MCSA.can anyone tell me if this seems like a good start for someone planning to get into management/network consulting?

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Sounds very good to me.

by admin In reply to Suggestions on Career pat ...

I know a few people people graduating with associate degrees right now and I'm encouraging them to get into 4 year programs. One of the big reasons is that there is just a really poor tech job market around here right now and it is better IMO for them to ride it out while improving themselves. I don't want to paint a bad picture, for people who love this work -they should stay in, but right now is a tough time, and wages and positions aren't so easy to come by. Better to get good positioning through education and ride out the storm if you want to stay on this ship.

The certs and 4 year degree should give you an advantage getting work, but I would (fit it in however you can!) get some work in the field if possible, even if it's low paying, at the same time, even if it's only a few hours a week or month. Just a suggestion. :)

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by Rameises In reply to Sounds very good to me.

thanks for the input..i do intend to work at least a few hours a week in the field..even if i have to volunter my time.I must admit, i am a little intimidated by the 6+ yr experience requirement i've seen in alot of postings.

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Technology field

by ggomez In reply to Sounds very good to me.

I totally agree with the colleague a four year degree is extremely important nowdays. I would recommend nevertheless, a more focused degree other than MIS, which is very general and I know many people having MIS bachellors degree still unemployed. Check what other options your neighboring colleges and universities.
Best of luck!

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by Rameises In reply to Technology field


good point...i was thinking though of using the MIS in addition to later getting a few certs to move eventually into a management position.

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You?re on the right track

by AndyMah In reply to Technology field

From experience, I can tell you a Bachelors (4 Year) Degree is important. Your major is not (with in reason, of course). My suggestion is to find what really interests you and make that your major. When you have some experience under your belt, go for your Masters. A Masters Degree today is what a Bachelors Degree was 10-20 years ago and what a High School Diploma was ten years before that.

Any four-year degree, an A+, and N+ will get you well on your way.

Despite what you hear, there are great opportunities out there if you search hard enough. (I know I recently found one.) Good luck!

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Best of BOTH

by ghstinshll In reply to Suggestions on Career pat ...

While in school, not taking a break from... pass your A+ and Net+ immediately. Then while in your last two years, pass at least one MS OS test, like WIn2k pro or WInXP Pro... This will give you 3 certs with a small amount of effort, and will give you some extra credibility while looking for jobs afterward. Finding some evening helpdesk work will be imperitive for you to have any experience under you before you find a job as well. This will put you on top of most people coming out of college. Another thing is to always be thinking of what you can be doign next to make it better....

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right Jason

by Rameises In reply to Best of BOTH

I agree..i do intend to start the a+ and Net+ in the next month..and the Mcsa in a year or two.I don't know how i'm going to get any experience though...besides help desk, would most any it job be good experience?

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College surplus

by generalist In reply to right Jason

Check if your college or university has surplus computers that they sell or give away. Pick up a few, get them functional and play around with setting up various types of servers and networks. If possible, pick up additional network hardware and software and learn what you can about them.

Then look for organizations that would like to network their computers but lack the expertise. Also look for organizations that have a network that needs maintained.

Do what you can to help them and make sure that you are either paid for your time or that you get letters of recommendation for your efforts.

If your college/university doesn't have surplus, try other sources.

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A sideline question

by Voodoo2107 In reply to Suggestions on Career pat ...

I too am studying my BA in MIS, in my third year. Im studying at night and working for a technology company during the day.

My issue is slightly different however, in that Im not looking to move into a very technical role, but would like to moveinto more of a sales type environment. I would however also like to, as a sideline, offer Networking services and am planning on doing some MCSE's and eventually the CCNA (although that's difficult as Im not a network engineer!).

What I want to know is what else I should do between now and the end of my degree to better enable myself to for a sales position with an IT firm, perhaps in Application sales?



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