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Suggestions on network monitoring software.

By mlieberman ·
I have been doing some research on integrating on our various network monitoring systems into one comprehensive system and originally I had been looking into using SQL Server Integration Services and integrating all of our disparate monitoring and logging systems into one database. However I've been coming across more and more network monitoring systems that might already have the capability to do everything we need it to.

I work for a small IT consulting firm with some large clients. We need to monitor both our own network as well as the networks of varying in size clients (less than 10 computers to thousands of computers, though for the most part we only need to monitor the servers for our large clients.) We currently use a few different pieces of software to help monitor everything we need to and its use isn't standardized since some of our clients have different computer security policies that won't allow us to use some of our software.

We currently use Spiceworks for inventory management and primarily only on our own network since many of our clients have security policies that wouldn't allow the installation of the software on their network. We also use Servers Alive for the bulk of our monitoring. It is mainly used to ping servers we monitor to make sure they're up as well as perform basic http commands to make sure the websites we monitor are up. This is useful but at the same time, there's not a lot of info that goes along with the alerts it sends and we usually need to either physically log into servers or remotely log into servers and check error logs and perform diagnostics.

As we continue to grow, it is becoming apparent that we need to have a better monitoring solution.

I have done some research on alternatives to Spiceworks that also contain some if not all the functionality of Servers Alive as well as having additional functionality that we are looking for so we can automate several manual tasks we need to do. Spiceworks might have some of that functionality as well but I only started working here recently and I believe we are looking for something open source that we can tweak to fit most if not all of our needs.

I have looked at various network monitoring systems but there are so many and so many different features that it is daunting. Out of all the one's I've looked at, Nagios, Zabbix and OpenNMS seems to be the best open source solutions that best fit our needs and each has their pros and their cons and what they can and can't do is daunting to just figure out.

The functionality that we are looking to have in a network monitoring solution is first and foremost the ability to ping as well as perform http tasks to external IPs to see what is up and running and what isn't. Next most important thing is the ability for us to be able to log that information and be able to develop reports based off that info (It would be alright if we had to manually query using and ODBC connection into the database or something.) With that in mind we would also like to be able to monitor certain services on servers that we have access to monitor more specific info. We would also like to be able to log and monitor the event logs for various client servers that we handle. Another big thing that we would like to be able to do is log and monitor various LDAP based systems such as AD and be able to develop reports on them. For example we host email and we currently run reports (manually) that query the information on all accounts per client and what the current quota is per mailbox. It would be useful to be able to automatically report that info once a month or so via email. I'm not sure if any of the network monitoring systems has the ability to run LDAP queries or if it does, to create scheduled tasks to run. We also have various different backups running from various different applications in different places. We would like to have an application that we could configure to parse through assorted logs and centralize that information as well as be able to send alerts if something goes wrong.

We have a diverse set of needs and we understand that there most likely isn't a solution that will work right out of the box. We are looking for something that even if it takes us a year or so to configure and get working properly will be very expansive and allow us to develop lots of custom queries and reports. We are also looking for something that has the ability to monitor via agent as well as without since our clients have different protocols and policies. Anyone have any suggestions?

Sorry for making this so long, but I figured I'd be specific since there's so many network monitoring solutions out there. Any help in finding a particular (preferably open source) product would be appreciated.

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Network Monitoring software

by vinod88 In reply to Suggestions on network mo ...

You want software for montoring the network.
You can choose PRTG/MRTG NMS of any other Company like Alcatel/Ciscoetc.
it will help for u for the network monitoring.

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A couple of suggestions

by CharlesMllr In reply to Network Monitoring softwa ...

Neither of these tools really worked for our environment as we are already using WhatsUP Gold for monitoring, but if you are looking for OpenSource check out Zenoss or Groundwork Opensource.

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Extensible network & server monitoring tools

by jkweber In reply to A couple of suggestions

WhatsUp etc. are great for simple environments, but what mlieberman is asking for needs an API and extensibility. OpenNMS has had a wierd history - acquired by Hyperic which then disappeared.

Take a look at Nimsoft or Zyrion which have extensible features and are newer generation enterprise monitoring products. Open source option is Zenoss but it can get expensive to get the commercial version.

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A suggestion would be

by mustafa.aksu In reply to Suggestions on network mo ...

A suggestion would be solarwinds orion. It is good in ping & SNMP monitoring. You can prepare customized detailed reports. It includes a syslog server too. It keeps everything stored in a SQL database.
Only problem is Website availability. I am not sure if it is possible to check it with Orion. You can use SNMP also for services I did it for DHCP for example.
While you are focused on network monitoring issues I would also suggest to read my article . As I saw you already faced with rest of iceberg.

Have a good luck in your survey!

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by mamies In reply to Suggestions on network mo ...

I would use Nagios for detecting issues. This program detects whether the service is up on the server and then will send you an alert if it finds that it has failed.

You are able to purchase another piece of equipment that will also send the message as an sms. It works well and it also lets you have a look at a map of all the servers which will show you what is installed and working on these servers.

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network monitoring software

by xiaokaige In reply to Suggestions on network mo ...
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Suggestions on network monitoring software

by JulietN In reply to Suggestions on network mo ...

Try some monitoring software like Aobo.
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