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Suggestions on Training/Certification?

By comm ·
About a year ago, with no previous training or experience, I was given a Win2000 internal LAN for 80 users to handle, along with all hardware and software and users - the whole shebang.
I have learned a lot through MS KB, tech forums, books, etc. but there's a lot I need to know. No one here knows more than me now.
I work for non-profit - worthwhile purpose but little funds for this sort of thing.

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by vic In reply to Suggestions on Training/C ...

If you or the company does not have the cash to send you to any type of training. Here's a few suggestions.

1. Spend some time in Borders, BAM, and Barnes & Noble. Thing is, you can sit in the bigger stores and read all day, they actually have coffee areas set up just for you to do that. This way you can eventually work your way through the books. (But it's nice to buy one occassionally). If you go into one of the big Borders, the computer and technology section will expose you to reading you never even imagined.

2. Check out stores like Compusa, and Circuit City, Sometimes they'll have books on clearance for no apparent reason. I bought the Cisco BSCI book for 9 bucks in Compusa!!!!! Two months later I got the BCRAN book for 15.

3. I know it's cliche, but really; everything you want to know is somewhere online, it just takes a lot of time finding it all. For example, if you want to prepare for a particular exam, make yourself a list of the official exam objectives. Then google away for each objective, set up some labs and learn how to do it.

Good luck

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by comm In reply to

I'll try these things - thanks very much.

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