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suitable bandwidth for per user

By asmm2002 ·
What is the standard or optimum allocation for bandwidth (kbps) per user for Internet

It seems difficult to get a ball figure from the Internet Standards Archive
Where are such Internet data published other than searching through RFC's?

Where can I find best practices on actual operating networks?


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suitable bandwidth for per user

by Alpha-Male In reply to suitable bandwidth for pe ...

The reason it's so hard to find an answer here is because there isn't one. It's kind of like saying what is the best speed to drive a car at. It depends on many many things.

The bandwidth required for a user to look up a simple website, vs a userwho needs to download a file, vs a user who needs to run streaming video is completely different. The bandwidth needed is dependent up on the application.

If you can give more details, I'll offer my advice and see if I can provide some useful links.

Regarding the second and third questions, again...please give some specifics of what you want. These are so general that all I could say is "Search the web for sites that apply to your specific need".

Good luck!

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suitable bandwidth for per user

by asmm2002 In reply to suitable bandwidth for pe ...

Thanks for attention:

I have a LAN with 1000 user.I want to find a formula to determine that :
one user to do their works in internet how many bandwidth need usually?
I want to create slot times and only let a group of users to access to the internet via these times,that they have enough bandwidth to do their works.

would you please say some websites about that.

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