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suitable bandwidth for per user

By asmm2002 ·
I have a LAN with 1000 user.I want to find a formula to determine that :
one user to do their works in internet how many bandwidth need usually?
I want to create slot times and only let a group of users to access to the internet via these times,that they have enough bandwidth to do their works.
What is the standard or optimum allocation for bandwidth (kbps) per user for Internet

would you please say some websites about that.

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suitable bandwidth for per user

by Oldefar In reply to suitable bandwidth for pe ...

There is neither a standard or generic optimum bandwidth figure for such a general item as "Internet".

If the users are doing VoIP, the ratio recommended is 128K per call. If the intent is to provide "better than dial-up" for general use, you are probably okay at 32K per user. For ISDN equivelent, figure on 64K per user. If your users are all accessing the same sites for the most part, a local cache appliance can take a lot of the Internet access requirement away and make it a LAN access issue. By the way, 1000 users on a LAN is a heavy load.

You can determine how much bandwidth is required for them to do their work if you know what that work consists.

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