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Suitable Hardware

By pigram40 ·
Gday, my names Brendan & i'm from Australia. I was reading an answer to the question celeron v's pentium.. and i found it interesting, as i am planning to build a computer in the near future, i would like to find out as much as possible. So i was hoping you could help by suggesting a few things or explaining what hardware would best suit what i am looking to get out of this computer.
I'd like a fast computer preferably the biggest pentium available to australia.. but money doesnt allow, so what would be the difference between all processors.. are pentium above all the rest.. and if so does AMD come close behind?? i'm looking at an AMD Athlon 1.8 Ghz with 256 Sd Ram and a 32 Meg Graphics Card.. i want to be able to play avi. mpeg. etc movies at full screen at the best possible quality i can get for the quality of the file.. would a 64meg graphics card make the difference for that as opposed to a 32meg?? sorry this is so long.. one last Q, could u suggest the hardware for me to build acomputer with this in mind..
I need the motherboard and all its accesories, everything else i have..
I'd like a 40 Gig HDD, what's a good brand?
Is there better or worse brands of Ram.. what brand would u suggest?
Motherboard.. i'd like a motherboard that i can upgrade to alot more ram in the future when i can save some penies.
I'll leave u with that.. i think i've taken up too much of ur time already..
Much appreciate ur help. cheers

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Suitable Hardware

by TheChas In reply to Suitable Hardware

You will get a number of different answers to your questions.

The AMD processers are at this moment just slightly behind Intel in performance. We are talking test score differences of less than 5 point out of 200 or 300, so the difference is small for the $300US cost difference.

I build almost every system I build with AMD CPUs.

For your system, I would look for the following;
ABIT Motherboard. If you want the most upgrade flexability, get one of the new ones that supports the 333MHzAthlon Front Side Bus.
(If you do go with Intel, again ABIT, or a genuine Intel motherboard. DDR RAM has better performance than RDRAM.)

RAM, I'm partial to Apacer or Crucial. Go with DDR RAM over SDRAM. You will notice the performance improvement.

Video, the graphics chip is more important than the amount of RAM for all but the most demanding games and graphics design applications. For images and video, you will see little difference between 32MB and 64MB of VRAM, let cost be your guide.
The other factor to take into account, is the size of your monitor, and desired resolution setting. The larger (21") the monitor, and the higher the resolution, the more need for more VRAM.

Hard Drive, I have used Western Digital drives for so long, I just go with them.
There are some bargians on IBM drives right now, as they are selling their drive mfg. to Hitachi.

I have not heard of any problems with Maxtor or Fujitsu, so they are options.

I would also start out with a 400 Wattor 500 Watt power supply. I don't build anything with less than a 300 Watt supply anymore.


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