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How to summarize data by year or month from below table:
Date Sales US$ Customer name
01.01.2011 100 MAC
01.02.2011 200 MIS
01.03.2011 100 MIR
06.03.2011 400 LOS
01.01.2012 300 WIN
01.02.2012 500 COS
04.02.2012 600 MOS
How much sale is in 2011 and 2012 one figure summary each year or month wise

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What exactly did your class instructor assign?

You have very little data, no way to determine a full year with only 3 or 4 months
of each year...unless the business was closed the rest of the year. Ask your
class instructor for additional tutoring and help.

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by loveatallca In reply to What exactly did your cla ...

Hi wizard i think you did not get question. From above given data i need to summarize that how much sale is in 2011 that is 800 but how to get it from excel which should reflect as total 2011=800

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I understand the question...simple method, create new row, titled
2011 Total, then make your formula add each amount from the rows
of each column B, column A is your date...I'll let you fill it in.

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