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Sun now shipping Data Center in a Box, to go!

By Dr Dij ·
Wow, Sun now sells complete data-centers-in-a-mini-shipping-container 20x8x8. With water cooling and power connections. I'll have some fried computers with that, please!;jsessionid=VZHZD4MUQBIRSQSNDLRCKHSCJUNN2JVN?articleID=193303412

I guess if you're Augur and need to break the Taelon's rotating encryption, fight the lizard people, like on V series, or just a quickly growing company this sounds like a nifty idea. YOu can lift it on a crane to your building top (or helicopter it up to your secret mountaintop hideaway) Darn, wish I had a use for one of these.

As article says, typically a data center takes over a year to build and this is plug-n-play.. I suppose with a smart-building running windoze your new data-center shows up on-screen as a new device when you power it on :) Now which box did they put that configuration DVD in...)

You may want to order a fuel-cell in a box about the same size to power it all. Power company uses these for aux power and others use them for sporting events, etc.

Possibly useful accessories for the budding mad (or happy) scientist: mini-particle accelerator, electron microscopes, DNA sequencing machines, petabyte WORM store jukebox, hi-res medical imaging machines, synthetic aperture radar, plastic or metal particle prototype 3D printing machines, massively parallel or SIMD supercomputers, etc...

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Now THAT is REALLY "thinking outside the box"

by TechExec2 In reply to Sun now shipping Data Cen ...

Now THAT is REALLY "thinking outside the box". Only a "brainstorming session" led by a team of MBAs could come up with a gimmick like this.

There are two things stacking up these days:

1. Empty used shipping containers from China, and

2. Unsold Sun servers.


"The data centers can be quickly deployed in business parking lots,"

What an excellent idea! Why hack into the datacenter when you can steal the whole thing with a flatbed truck. Brilliant!


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But that leads to their NEXT product!

by Dr Dij In reply to Now THAT is REALLY "think ...

MOBILE data centers!

Having a rave party that needs a stack of computers to run the lights and laser show and maybe soon the holographic display?

Need some quick animation power onsite for that movie set in Arizona desert?

Federal agencies, or 'Cracker' gangs could park one unobtrusively near a target and tap in to the network they desire, with lots of power to try brute force password attacks, go thru list of possible vulnerabilities, etc.

You're right, but to their credit, they will custom configure it with other companies servers tho.

and of course someone will need these to monitor all the wrist-implanted RFID chips Scot McNeally of Sun wants us to use, and that all my sci-fi stories have people using, and ones that will be required on our cars I'm sure..

quoth the Binars about the Starship Enterprise as they hijacked it to save their world: "Such a nice big mobile computer"

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