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Sun sues M$ over JVM inclusion?!?

By LordInfidel ·
This may be old, but I just read it today while I was on/in my "shared office facilities".

It was a article in CRN from Jan 6, about how Sun sued and won an initial injunction to force M$ to include Suns latest version of it's JVM into XP. Instead of the 6 year old MS revised version.

This astounds me.

While I am not the biggest fan of M$ practices, I have to ask, where does the insanity end?

Why does a vendor such as M$ have to be forced to include something into their product that they do not own? Even though the sun jvm is freely downloadable off of sun's site.

Maybe I am looking at it too much from a linux users point of view. Where if I don't have something I have to go and get the src or the rpm from another location. Other then where I got my distro from.

Does this mean that Sun is going to sue vendors like RedHat, Slackware and Mandrake?

And correct me if I am wrong, but is'nt most of the java processing done on the server side anyways? (I'm not a bigfan or user of java apps, so I am not an authority on the subject).

Am I missing the point somewhere in all of this sueing of M$?

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Yeah this was stupid.

by admin In reply to Sun sues M$ over JVM incl ...

MS will find some annoying way to make everything buggy because of it anyway.

Beiing forced to include anything is crazy. I don't think you're missing the point- just a little bit too sane for your enviroment.

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Big picture (as I see it)

by TheChas In reply to Sun sues M$ over JVM incl ...

This started some 6 years ago, when Microsoft decided that it wanted it's own version of JAVA that did not conform to the SUN standard.

Basically, Microsoft wanted to take over JAVA, and boot Sun out of the PC software arena.

This was 1 of theminor points of the US Justice Department suite against Microsoft.

Sun wants ALL JAVA to meet a common specification. Which Microsoft's version does not.

Of course, you need to add in to the mix that Microsoft has a new tactic. They are tryingto force web developers to switch to .net, and stop using JAVA altogether.

Is it right?
I don't know.

Sun has no problems with the Open Source OS's as they do not include their own version of JAVA.

My 2 cent's for what it is worth.


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by djent In reply to Sun sues M$ over JVM incl ...

Java is a speed bump in the road to .not, therefore it must go. If it is no longer available in the OS or browser then it dies. Or so M$ hopes. I have used Netscape since Win 3.1 and continue today for security reasons, smaller target and fewer leaks.

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Try Mozilla

by TheChas In reply to

Just a side note, if you like Netscape 7, I suspect that you will like Mozilla even better.

It is half the size, and has none of Netscapes built in advertising for AOL/Time Warner.


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The true insanity...

by Slacker In reply to Sun sues M$ over JVM incl ...

The real insanity in all of this is that 3 years ago Sun won a lawsuit prohibiting M$ form pre-installing JAVA into the XP OS. Then when all of Sun's developers screamed bloody murder (knowing full well that most people who wanted to see their Javaapplets were using M$ products) Sun went back to court to force M$ to pre-install it. The lack of foresight on this one is astounding. No wonder they are clueless to the fact that Java will be but a memory in 5 years.

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