super slow copy from ssd to other ssd

By hash02 ·

Copying 15GB of files - as an example - (few and large not many and small) from my C drive which is on a sata adata 128GB ssd (rated at 500MB/s reads) to my G drive with is on an intel nvme pcie ssd rated at 1800/1800 R/W is unbeliveably slow. bursts at 200MB/s settles at 47MB/s ... I'm at a loss for words.
The drives are new. they perform as expected under crystaldiskmark/atto benchmarks.
My pc specs : windows 10 64bit, ryzen 7 2700x, rtx 2080, asrock x470 taichi, all updates, latest drivers etc. i assembled the rig myself, installed the os everything myself. did not expect this at all.
Source SS Adata SP900 128Gb sata3 ssd
Destionation SS Intel ntel 660p NVMe PCIe M.2 1TB
Motherboard has latest bios from asrock page.
I did not do anything io intensive in the background, the system is not malware infected, i keep things nice and tidy both hardware and software wise.

What in the world is going on ? 

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Well I would say the first thing to look at is

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to super slow copy from ssd ...

Open the Task Manager in Windows and see what resources are being used.

If for example the CPU is running at 100% then things have to be much slower than if it is running at 5%.

Same goes for the HDD's as well if they are being used extensivelly by the OS or some other Program then transfers will be slower.

As for the M'Board the HDD's here are not in consective SATA Ports are they? If they are the M'Board could be in a mess trying to treat them as some sort of RAID ARRAYand slowing things down dramatically.

The BIOS Setting of the M'Board for SATA Ports is also something to look at as well and make sure that the CPU is correctly set in BIOS it could be showing the right speed but have the wrong settings applied and cause similar issues.

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