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Super slow HP Pavilion 2.7 Celeron

By success ·
in November we bought HP a305w from walmart. came with xp home, celeron 2.7, 256ram, 40 hd, hp v72 monitor.

it is soooo slow... in fact my old barebones amd athlon 1600, 256ram, 40 hd, win M/E will run circles around it both running same applications... i dont like any of the hp bundle "features" and cannot extract xp from it and erase all else. installed a hd with M/E but cant adjust colors above 16 and cannot adjust resolution at all. sound and modem also not operational.

i would like to stick with M/E if possible. can i resolve these "OEM" problems by purchasing new graphics card, new modem, and new sound card?

or can you offer ANY solution which would enable us to get some use out of this thing.

thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.


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You really don't want millenium edition. It is very problematic. Very much more so than XP. Your computer is slow because of all of the crap they preinstall. First I would run ad-aware from lavasoft ( Then I would go into control panel and uninstall everything symantec or norton. Then go into the properties of my computer and go to performance under advanced I think. Check the box for best performance. This turns off all of the XP nicey-nicey crap which does nothing but suck CPU cycles. If it is still slow, run msconfig and go to the services tab, check hide all microsoft services and uncheck everything else. Go to the startup tab and again, uncheck everything. Check the speed and go back into msconfig and check one thing at a time until you find the culprit. I've seen this on lots of new computers running XP. Most of the time it is Norton (try trend's pccillin for AV) but there is usually other unnecissary junk in there. Hope this helps.

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by parvus1202 In reply to Super slow HP Pavilion 2. ...

One thing why your modem, sound and graphics card are not working properly is that you need to install drivers for the motherboard so it will run in new OS. When you buy new computer, drivers comes only for that specific OS, change OS means new drivers.

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by 1stladytech In reply to Super slow HP Pavilion 2. ...

Generally speaking, try removing your spyware and other problem programs. Download and run cwshredder, SpyBot Search and Destroy, Lavasoft Ad Aware, in that order, updating each program before the complete scan. After you remove all of the problems, then go into control panel and remove the backweb, service connection, upload to web and other preinstalled software that you aren't using. These are general maintenance items, but if the computer is still slow, then check the harddrive for failures. You can generally download a manufacturers drive diagnostic from their web site. Try these first,
most of the time you can identify your problem.


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