Super slow laptop

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In the beginning, applications would open quickly,movies would play without issue, and my laptop and I got along. Now, if an application opens at all it opens painfully slowly and runs in spurts. There has been no effect on my internet speed, I have done every virus check I have heard of, and I dumped tons of files to free up memory but nothing seems to work.
My laptop is only a year old. Is it prematurely aging? It's an Averatec. Does that brand have an auto distruct that I am nearing?
Please help,

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Have you looked for Mal Ware on this NB?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Super slow laptop

Download the following applications install them and then reboot if asked and update them to the latest definitions available



When you have these 2 programs installed & Updated reboot the NB into Safe Mode by pressing the F8 key between the POST Screen and the Windows Splash Screen and when you get the White printing on the black background scroll up to Safe Mode and allow the system to boot.

When you have your NB running in Safe Mode run the Ad Aware SE Scan over the unit and remove anything found then rerun the scan just to make sure that A there is nothing else hiding there and B That you actually removed what you thought you removed. Once you either have a clean machine according to Ad Aware shut that program down and then open Spy Bot S&amp and run a scan with that. When it finishes look at what it finds and if there is anything there that you use untick it or it will be disabled. The most obvious things are Windows Defender and any Internet Banking though some Free Ware programs can be included as well as some others. When you are sure that you have nothing that you are actually using listed chose to repair the system and then rerun the scan just to be positive that you've picked up everything and that there was nothing hiding behind other programs. If there was remove it and continue to rerun the scan till you get a clean system with just the software that you need showing up.

Then Reboot into Normal Mode and allow the system to run till it settles down and then click on Start chose Show All Programs then Accessories then System Tools and Disc Defrager and run that at least once to attempt to get the files in some sort of order on the HDD. Run Disc Defrager often and eventually you'll reach an optimum level of fragmentation on the HDD where all the files are nearly is sequential order on the HDD so things work as fast as possible and you are not waiting for the HDD to read the data off it which is spread all over the drive.

If you do this you should notice a marked improvement initially and a slow improvement as you eventually get the HDD defragmented over time.

NB Safe Mode is for performing tests and repairs on the OS it isn't safe to log onto the Internet or a LAN and download things as you have a minimum set of drivers & Programs loaded so you run a much greater risk of picking up infection than you normally would. And I specifically said load Safe Mode not Safe Mode with Networking.


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by ahmadaliyu In reply to Super slow laptop

I think you should try hard disk cleaner and then you should also try to run scan disk and delete system restore this usually helps.

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