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I have a windows 2000 server with DHCP. I have setup a superscope successfully and has been working for some time now. I needed to add another scope to the superscope because we need more ip's. I was not able to add a scope, I received a message to create another superscope. I went thru this process and created a second superscope. Everything seems to be running but the second superscope is not handing out ip's addresses to clients. I tested my scope on my router and I can get online with no problem, but the scope does not seem to be working. Any ideas why this is? Any help would be greatly appreciate.

Here is some more info:

In superscope 1, I have 2 scopes

Orginally I have, I had to subnet this into 2 /25's for otheer reason. Now I want to add the to the superscope explained above. When I go to add this in the superscope1 the dhcp wizard won't allow me, but I can create a second superscope with just a the I didn't want to combine the 2 /25's because there already had been ip addresses used on scope. The question I have is this, With the setup I have now, does the first superscope need to use up all the ip addresses within it first, then pull from teh secondsuperscope? thanks again for the help

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