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    Supervisor password on ThinkPad


    by michaelmartini ·


    I have an IBM ThinkPad G40 (2389-Y11). Someone had put a supervisor password on it. I was able to use the laptop just fine then I got the bright idea that I would use a utility that sets CMOS back to factory defaults. I ran the utility and it set the CMOS back to factory defaults. Now when I boot up it detects that the time and date are set to factory defaults and wants me to enter the correct time and date. To enter the time and date you have to enter the supervisor password which is stored in an EPROM. So, now it won?t boot to anything, FDD, CD or HDD because I have to enter the time and date. IBM says that the only way to get rid of the supervisor password is to replace the mainboard, not an viable option. Does anyone know a default supervisor password for IBM or have a non-expensive solution to my dilemma ?


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      IBM ThinkPad Password Remover EEPROM or BIOS

      by spyerpwd ·

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      Here goes some information that might help you out?

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      Omg ….

      by donludak ·

      In reply to Supervisor password on ThinkPad

      I think I have the same problem … I have never set a BIOS password … I have just a HDD pass … and when I write that then I get … ERROR … CHECK TIME AND DATE … and BANNGG CMOS PASS … and nothing … I cannot use my laptop.
      If anyone can help … Thanks very much

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      IBM Thinkpad password Removal

      by andy.chen.oo ·

      In reply to Supervisor password on ThinkPad

      We have this solution for all IBM Thinkpad laptop, call 416-568-1889 within Canada for more detail

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