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Supplying Tools for Techs

By Uncle Marv ·
I have a question for those that own their own business and employ technicians. What philosophy or practice do you use in purchasing tools for your technicans that do work on-site at a client's office (i.e. diagnostic tools, cable tester, etc.) For many years, my technicians have supplied their own tools. My newest technician believes that I should supply him with everything he needs to do his job. I do supply them with the MS Partner DVD's so they have updates and tools, but I've usually had them supply their own diagnostic disks, screwdriver, cable tester, etc. Just want to hear some thoughts.

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You set the course for your business

by gralfus In reply to Supplying Tools for Techs

Your tech has no say in the matter, really. If he doesn't like the conditions of his employement, he can go somewhere else. Carpenters supply their own tools; so do your guys. You really have to watch the business expenses or you won't be in business long. If he doesn't have the tools and doesn't want to buy them, get rid of him.

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by antuck In reply to Supplying Tools for Techs

Since you have already set the standard of operation, you would need to keep doing that having the techs supply there own tools. Much like an auto tech or carpenter they have to supply there own tools. I work for a company that does have some tools already but I perfer my own tools. And if I need anything I would perfer to purchase them myself. This way if I have other work not related to the company, I can do it without asking to borrow anything. The only exception I may make is if it is a sepcific tool for a specific job. Then I may have the owner purchase the tool. But the basics should be supplied by the tech. How else is the tech going to do there job.

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Tools of the Trade

by djameson In reply to Supplying Tools for Techs

If he doesn't have the tools already, it is likely he doesn't know the tools of the trade, I would administer a few tests, start with a t1 - crossover cable. that usually gets 'em. I personally supply a general set of tools for all my cable guys. Electric screwdriver stabdown tool cable verifier(shared) Crimpers and fish tape, but they come with a condition they stay here when you leave.

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