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By Venkatramaiah.sudarsan ·
what is L1 L2 L3 support?

how many levels are there and how do they differ from each other?
please clarify


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by dryflies In reply to support

There can be as many levbels as the organization feels it needs. typically no more than 3 levels.
while the levels can be set up in many ways, a typical scenario goes like this:
L1 or tier 1 support is where the initial support call goes. it might be a person monitoring a chat box or working in a call center. they will have a book that covers the set of problems they are prepared to deal with. when you give them an answer to a question, the book tells them to "turn to page X" where they continue with another question until they get to send the computer in, problem solved, or escalate to tier 2. over 95% of all problems are solved at this level.
Tier 2 or L2 is a person with actual training on the system. They give some actual thought to the problem and do not use a script to solve the problem. only rarely does a problem escalate beyond this level. If the L2 person is stumped, or discovers a significant problem with the product, it will get escalated to the development team to resolve, you will never talk to these people or know that your problem was escalated beyond L2. If you do get escalated to L3 the only indication will be that they "discover" an update that will solve your problem.
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by adembo In reply to support

Simply put, L1 is the person you have to waste a bunch of time with to figure out they cant help you before you get bumped up to a higher level support that actually can help you. :)

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