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Support Center Naming Conventions

By z9pfmarq ·
I am in the process of renaming our tech support team, and my CIO is concerned about compliance with industry naming standards.

We are a relatively small group (4 full time staff, including myself plus 2 summer interns -- we support around 500 computers worldwide). The team handles helpdesk calls, deskside support, 2nd/3rd level support, and software/workstation engineering and distribution. In addition, we handle support of video-conferencing, cell-phones, and almost any other technology - short of actual telephony.

Currently we use the terms PC Helpline and PC Tech Team interchangeably. I would like to come up with a term that encompasses more of what we actually support -- my preference is Technical Assistance Center -- but the CIO feels that this is not a commonly recognized IT term.

Finally, I would like to change my own title, which is currently "PC Technical Team Lead". I am now at the manager level, and would like that to be reflected, possibly employing part or all of the new team name.

Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions.


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by angry_white_male In reply to Support Center Naming Con ...

That's it - simply the "Helpdesk". Doesn't need to get any more complicated than that. As for your title - simple - "Helpdesk Manager".

Too many companies get caught up in organizing and coming up with ludicrous names and acronyms for their new creations.

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by Jaqui In reply to Helpdesk

use instead:
we F%$ked up and screwed our system over / I'm an absolute moron that should not be allowed to touch a computer.

that tells people when they see the name they better pay attention and not screw up too often.
makes life much easier. :)

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We use

by shannyhan In reply to Support Center Naming Con ...

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