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Support Dialog With HP & Others

By 911foryourpc ·
I wanted to post this somewhere and get others to post there dialogs with service techs, either from live chats or email replies. Here is my follo up quality improvement email to HP.

Hey, HP "Support"

Your "support" is miserable and useless except for those so inept on computers that cannot find the on off switch. I contacted HP because I am a service repair tech and needed professional advice about troubleshooting a hardware issue, and instead of actually answering my questions I was given opinions not facts. For example, I was told "fans always run in standby" PLEASE NEVER TELL PEOPLE THAT. Fans on 99% of all computers that are a quality brand have S3 sleep and can sleep with the fans off. Very few major brands are made so cheaply that the motherboard does not support S3. Also, how stupid do you think people are that they need to be told "wake your computer by hittng enter. Windows XP does not care what keyboard button you hit to wake a sleeping computer.

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