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Support Vs User headcount ratio

By dhony ·
I know this is a bit of a 'piece of string' kind of question, and the answer will depend on the complexity of your environment, skillset of your users etc etc, but....
Does anyone know of an industry average figure for the recommended number of support engineers to users in a desktop support environment.

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Desktop support ratio

by Chris.. In reply to Support Vs User headcount ...

Last I saw and this has been years, but the ratio was like 100:1 and in my experience if that person is only doing Desktop support then the number is about right. But if they are doing server, phone, help desk, on-call or any of the other usual secondary set of responsibilities then you will have to base it more like 50:1 at best, more like 30-40:1 depending on how adept the user population is and how volitile the environment is.

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Support Vs User headcount ratio

by rbarnett09 In reply to Support Vs User headcount ...

I read somewhere that it is supposed to be one technician/ engineer per PC.

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in my case 900:1

by Chris910 In reply to Support Vs User headcount ...
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Poor little school district

by bonham23 In reply to in my case 900:1

I work for a school district in Illinois. The "average" user in one of our buildings needs help finding the "any" key.

Here's what we're facing:

7 technicians (the least-skilled of which recently needed to be told how to add a local user to a w2k machine...)

22 sites.

10,000+ users.

4,000 machines.

Somehow, we're able to keep this thing up and running <shrug>

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