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Supportted Screen Operations

By entawanabi ·
Most screen operations are supported with operates in or up from the hardware, in todays screen operations, which are energy form 'Mainframes', we are struggling to get them going or to keep them going. An example is the going down into Cdrive and cutting out a piece of it and useing it to DRIVE something or a piece of something; this destroys the medium that composes the drive and lessens its volumne and shortens its life, as most of these "Drivers" are higher amperages than is allotted for in the screen they wear out the operation quickly, these mainframe type operations can actually be supportted with Processers or Processors importted and enset in place with a yatto- amp powerer.

Now, before You jump to high I know that this is what you do "I" don't know how to do it so don't jump me about the hows, most of you'all should have no problem what so ever.

With this bit then, what Processers and Processors are likely to be common to support what?


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