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    suppress logon script


    by blair.gardiner ·

    How do I stop logon scripts from running on a particular server when users logon to using their domain credentials (which normally triggers logon script to run)

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      by blair.gardiner ·

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      Talk to the domain administrator……

      by thumbsup2 ·

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      I can think of 2 ways

      by churdoo ·

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      I can think of 2 ways. And I’m assuming your logon script is a .bat or .cmd file.

      1) Apply a Group Policy to that server which will override the typical logon script setting so the server will not process the typical script.

      2) The second and easiest, is in your logon script, test for the COMPUTERNAME environment variable and skip the working part of the script if COMPUTERNAME equals the particular server name, something like this

      if “%COMPUTERNAME%”==”THISSERVER” goto end
      (normal script statements here)

      This of course will not stop the script from processing, but will skip all of the statements within the script that do anything.

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