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Suppress programs in "startup" menu to start

By jtra ·

your help is needed urgently here please...

I have an existing logon script that will bring up a text message (created using notepad) when a user logon. This text message outlines the upcoming events in the company and it is the first thing we want it to load and "STAY ON TOP" of everything else. There are a number of users who have some applications in their "STARTUP" menu...and these applications will also load up upon login. How do I have my "text message" in the LOGON SCRIPT to stay ON TOP of everything else and/or is there a way I can delay other applications in startup..maybe until the user remove the "popup text message" in the logon script. At the moment, when a user logon, the logon script will activate (obvious reason)...hence displaying the company text message....a couple of seconds later all other applications in the "startup" menu (locally on the computer) starts to load up and GOES OVER THE TOP of the "company text file".


Thanks very much for all your help.


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You should...

by GuruOfDos In reply to Suppress programs in "sta ...

Have posted this in the Q&A section!

Be glad for today I am in mellow mood and have decided not to shoot you down in flames.

You need to do the following:

Right click each shortcut in your Startup folder, examine the properties and copy the command line to a new line in a new text file (using Notepad).

My Startup has the following entries:

UD Agent
Microsoft Office

so my text file would read

"C:\Program Files\United Devices\UD.EXE"
"C:\Program Files\AOL 8.0\aoltray.exe" -check
"C:\Program Files\MSO\Office\Osa9.exe" -b -l

Create a new top line that reads


where path is the path to your company text file

Save this file as startup.bat making sure Save As Type is set to All Files (*.*)

Delete all the shortcuts from your startup menu and add a shortcut to startup.bat. Open the properties of this shortcut and in the General Tab, choose Run Minimised.

When your machine starts, the batch file will now execute the commands in order. The commands following your text file will not execute until the text file is closed.

Note: You may have to remove entries from the registry in

and manually add these command lines onto your startup.bat batch file

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