Surveillance camera video capture

By tuffgi ·
How would I go about using a video capture card to record my surveillance cameras in Vista? I have a single input video capture card and a 8 channel multiplexer. I want to record the feed from the multiplexer into the capture card just using Vista if I can. I was just wondering if I can do it using the Vista OS and not install 3rd party software.

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Vista cannot do that.

by robo_dev In reply to Surveillance camera video ...

You are at the mercy of programs like Windows Movie maker which can import digital video clips, but cannot record/capture.

There are tons of low-cost software apps to do this, and most of these have all basic security-dvr capabilities...motion sensing, playback search from calendar, etc.

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Par for the course

by tuffgi In reply to Vista cannot do that.

I have a Digivue card with cameras on my system running on Vista. I helped
My son install a camera system using a security VCR as the main unit. I'm going
Use the video play out from the system to RCA back to a capture card for a secondary back up on a HDD.
The card is not designed for this app. It's a TV tuner with a video in. I d
Did some shopping for software to do the job and so far I found it cheaper to buy a card with the software.


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Check the maufacturers specs

by mjd420nova In reply to Surveillance camera video ...

You would need to shop for a video capture card that will run with WIN VISTA to allow capture of video through the card and not interfere with the OS. I use a Haupage card that will run with XPPRO but not Vista.

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TV Tuner

by tuffgi In reply to Check the maufacturers sp ...

The card I'm using is a TV Tuner. My plan is to use the signal out of the system to feed the TV tuner. As long as the capture card works with Vista I should be good. I don't think I need to use VIsta OS to capture. I will use the softward for the card to drive the signal.

Your thoughts?



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