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SUS Configuration verified and still not patching clients.

By Shishek ·
Everything for my Server is configured correctly. IIS 6.0, SUS 1.0 on my Windows 2003 server. After reading various pages and the full MS white paper I have a better understanding of SUS. Though I am at a lose of why this isn't working if everything is connecting all Logs are correct except they don't say are downloading... Testing on a Clean Ghost configured to connect it does w/o downloading. Is there any thing about IIS, SUS I have missed? Please email me Or Post any difference your SUS servers may have.

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by Starbury In reply to SUS Configuration verifie ...

I think you have covered most areas i can think of.. does anybody know what could be the problem... as long as the approved updates are there and apply they should get them. sorry, im not much help...
On a side not i was wondering how many machines are you deploying to. also will sus be the only form of patch management?

I currently made the switch to HFNetCHk pro made by Shavlik Technologies. From what I understand (correct me if im wrong) SMS was based on many developments from Shavlik. The interface in easy to use and setup. It also comes with a trial version for 10 licenses. It allows you force patch your system and covers all of Microsofts suites. including service packs.

its worth taking a look at if you havent all ready

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by haileyan In reply to hmm

I can only assume that you made the proper registry changes on the clients to:

1.) Point to the SuS server for updates.
2.) Specify how updates will be done(notify, download, Download and install or download and install but do not promt for reboot.
3.) Frequency with which updates will occur.
4.) Use Auto Update Yes/No

Theses settings are stored in:

Check out the following microsoft Tech notes:;en-us;328010

Make sure there are no conflicting registry entries in Current User.

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Configured-now rebuilding Any Tips ?

by Shishek In reply to

I used a VBScript to change the local Group Policies, and manually set one client and still nothing. Used automatically download updates and to install them from my SUS server?s address also configuring Reschedule Automatic Updates, and No auto-restart.

Currently rebuilding Server ensure SUS is configured correctly. Is there any tips of things to check sever as build it? any help would be great.

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Zen Works or Alteris

by pgm554 In reply to Configured-now rebuilding ...

SUS is at least 6 months to a year of being stable or usable.
Save yourself a headache and get a "real" patch management solution.

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other web pages?

by jay7337 In reply to Zen Works or Alteris

I disagree with the post that SUS is not stable. I have been using it for a year and it's been rock solid. Is your server hosting other web pages? This could be a point of conflict. From your client if you open up windows update from control panel are the settings the one you have set?? What OS is on your clients as it will not work for pre 2000. Finally if you have AD push your settings for sus through gpo's.

Good Luck

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2003 Server?

by haileyan In reply to

Is this on a 2000 or 2003 server. If it is 2000 there is absolutely nothing to change in Group Policy.

I never setup SuS on 2003 but I know it is locked down tight. Creating a VBScript seems much more time consuming that just giving rights to domain computers.

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