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Saga of the HP Pavilion 9905

by suceress In reply to Su's Digression Sessions

<p>I've had my HP Pavillion 9905 since October 2001. It is a nice PC with a few flaws. One being the defective floppy drive that will not record nor read any data on any disk. It won't even format. Another being the defective DVD drive. With the computer's original sound card I was watching X-Files DVDs when suddenly the sound went all screwy and the images started to skip and it just messed up. After that point the sound from the DVD drive was always bad. I reinstalled the drivers and it started working again-- for a few minutes. Then it returned to the horrible noise and skipping. I tried different DVDs and then installed a different sound card. It worked fine at first and after a few minutes it messed up again. Then I reinstalled drivers for both the sound card and DVD drive. Again it worked but only for a short time. I contacted HP who told me to contact the company that made the drive. So I contacted the company and described the problem. They told me that the DVD drive must be defective, but that since it was an HP build it was their problem to deal with. HP basically told me it was my problem. The store I purchased it from that sold me a 4 year warrenty refused to work on it when I brought it in. Apparently they don't do tech stuff in the store and even though my warrenty covered in-house repairs they would not actually send anyone out to my location without a large fee because it was so far away. So basically my warrenty was completely useless. Because of that I never bothered to contact HP about my floppy drive (which I probably should have) and just let it be. The DVD drive lets me install tings but I just can't get the sound to not be really horrible when it comes from the DVD drive. So I just copied the CD contents onto my harddrive and listen to it from there and its fine.</p>
<p>The PC has gone through a few changes: I replaced the video card with a GeForce 4 Ti 4600. The sound card is the Philips Acoustic Edge 5.1, I upgraded to 1Gb of RAM, and I added a faster and larger secondary harddrive (I made the mistake of getting a slow primary harddrive with low capacity-- it was allegedly 40Gb but all scans show it to only be 35Gb with almost 10Gb of that partitioned to supposedly restore the system).</p>
<p>The system ran fine with all of these changes. Every once in awhile I get the blue screen with "Hardware Malfnction memory check NMI memory/ parity error" and it runs really slow trying to load Sims2 and BodyShop. So I figured its due for an upgrade. The little 1.4Ghz processor is no longer cutting it.</p>

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