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    SUS issues


    by adb2020 ·

    I have SUS installed and configured, but it doesn’t look like the clients are getting the updates from my SUS server. Any ideas?

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      by dubplate_acetate ·

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      hello there,

      same here.


      How can I tell if my client computers are talking to my SUS server and not to the external Windows Update Web site?

      A. On the client machine(s), open %windir%\Windows Update.log and look for entries that look like http://mysusserver/autoupdate/getmanifest.asp to confirm that the Automatic Update component is being properly redirected to your SUS server.

      also, what url are you pointing your automatic updates too??

      i am not sure exactly which one to use.


      how do I work out which page to point it too??

      My servers name is msireporter, its IP is

      let me know what you think, email me at for a chat to see if we can help each other out. i think we are roughly at the same stage

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      by pcnetworktech ·

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      First download this file to w2kserver and copy it to INF folder. To get to INF folder, just click Start | RUN and type INF. ilyId=D26A0AEA-D274-42E6-8025-8C667B4C94E9&displaylang=e n

      1.In windows 2000 server go to Active Directory Users and Computers.
      2. Right click on Computer Folder |Properties | Group Policy and Click New and then click on Edit.
      3. Go to Computer Configuration |Right mouse click on Administrative template and click ADD. Here you will need to add the wuau.adm.
      4. after adding this file. Close the Group policy and open again and to to “computer configuration” and Expand “Administrative template” and you will see “Windows update” folder. On the right side you will see three group policy options. You configure this as how best fits your need.

      NOTE: This update SUS update SP1 will only work for client with Service pack 3.

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